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Bromer Booksellers (USA)
Tel: (617) 247 2818
Cat. 136
211 items
Rare and Antiquarian Books books@bromer.com
Myra Dean (UK)
Tel: 01591 620746
328 items Illustrated Books myra.dean32@yahoo.co.uk
Between the Covers (USA)
Tel: (856) 456 8008
Cat. 170
188 items
Modern First Editions mail@betweenthecovers.com
John Robertshaw (UK)
Tel: 01487 813330
Cat. 121
233 items
Antiquarian & Second-hand Books robertshaw.books@virgin.net
Charles Cox (UK)
Tel: 01840 261085
Cat. 63
317 items
19th Century Literature charlie@coxnbox.co.uk
James Fergusson (UK)
Tel: 02076023536
2015 items from the library of David & Judy Gascoyne jamesfergusson@btinternet.com

Catalogue: Pick of the Week

Probably unintended, there is a colour theme running through Bromer Booksellers’s Catalogue 136.  From Turkey and valued at $500 is Hikmet Barutçugil’s Efsun Çiçeği (Enchanting Beauty Flowers).  Barutçugil developed his own technique of incorporating flowers in the marbled patterns of his paper.  In this instance there are four tulips in lavender and violet bloom against a marbled background in shades of pink, blue and violet.  The marbling alters from delicate washes of green to bolder lines that evoke mountains.

There are six watercolour illustrations from the Adventures of Pinocchio – one of which is signed by the artist Gianna Calastrini – priced at $450.  The first picture depicts the woodcarver Geppetto, and in the second a blue-haired fairy admonishes Pinocchio for running away from his father.  The others involve Pinocchio with a serpent, a dove and a fish.  The final illustration shows the marionette asleep finally transformed into a real boy.

A John Gould colour plate from ‘A Monograph of the Trochilidae’ or ‘Humming Birds shows three birds among foliage, one in flight before a purple flower and the other two perched on a branch above.  Accompanied by the text leaf containing information about and a description of the hummingbird the item is for sale at $400.

There are a number of items by Gunnar Kaldewey.  One, Light Years priced at $1,750, is illustrated with prints of stars, galaxies, solar systems and other phenomena of space.  The images are all in a multitude of colours.  The other book Insect Musicians is valued at $1,500.  It is printed in black on sky-blue.  Each printed page is separated by a transparent paper ‘netting’ flecked with gold and silver leaf, which is decorated with little insects printed in black and brushstrokes of green and yellow.

A tale of love and chivalry, La Chatelaine de Vergy; Conte du XIIIe siècle traduit et publié par Joseph Bedier is printed with the original thirteenth-century French facing the modern translation.  It is illustrated with six full-page colour wood engravings, with numerous initials, vignettes and page decorations by Robert Bonfils.  The coloured borders, initials and ornaments have a geometric design akin to Art Deco.  The opening initials are printed in both colour and gold.  The book is priced at $750.

A manuscript of two stanzas by the poet John Greenleaf Whittier is entitled ‘Witch Hazel’ is framed by a colour illustration of a witch hazel branch in bloom.  The stanzas come from the title poem of his collection ‘Hazel-Blossoms’ which also included poems by his sister Elizabeth H. Whittier.  The item is valued at $500.

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